I'm a Python Engineer with DevOps skills. I started with Python and keep it as my favorite language. I used most of the Python frameworks, tons of APIs/modules, and have solid Django & Flask. I do the frontend as well and I always try new technologies and languages to find great stuff. I have a beautiful feeling about programming overall. Acquiring new knowledge makes me feel great every time and I'm ready to start anything. Let me know what you are thinking about and we will find a way to make things work. Some of my experiences are listed below. Can be a project I made on my own, in a team, or a job and I have quite a few as a freelancer on Upwork.


Go Global Travel — Python, React.js, PostgreSQL, Docker, Jenkins, GCP — from Oct 2023

My role is to run, manage, & upgrade Python applications working with ~20 million-entries databases in production. Stack includes: Django, Celery. Selenium, Redis, Elasticsearch, React.js, PostgreSQL, Jenkins etc. running on the cloud. Everyday tasks are to create new and fix existing connections; collect, process and distribute data. Working with big team of developers and operators around the world.

Sabroso — Python, HTMX, JS, CSS, cPanel — Aug 2023 - Oct 2023

This project is made by two. Designer took care of the looks and I did my part with all coding, domain/hosting job, deploying, etc. Made with: Django, HTMX, Vanilla JS, CSS, SQLite. There's also an English copy of this web app living on .md domain.

Alfa AI — LlamaIndex, Midjourney, Firebase, GCP — May 2023 - Sep 2023

Hired as a Python developer I started working with Large Language Model API made with Flask & LlamaIndex frameworks. This grew into creating additional products connecting to that API like Midjourney & Discord bots, and web apps. Another impact I made creating a Firebase Firestore database structure for the existing Alfa AI mobile app in Google Play and AppStore. I am also responsible for the Admin web application for our managers to view and make changes to this data.

Web Resume — Python, HTMX, postrgeSQL, Docker, Nginx, GCP — Feb 2023 - Mar 2023

You are now on a page of this web app. Django back-end, HTMX front with some Vanilla JS, deployed to Google Cloud Platform. Custom & responsive design. The app was made with the idea to host and share my resume but ended up hosting yours as well. Google login below to create yourself one.

Generic Cart — Python, JavaScript, Tailwind, GCP — Dec 2022

Made with Django backend and vanilla JavaScript with Tailwind on the front. User auth, registered user cart functionality, guest cart functionality. Deployed to GCP as many others.

Alsodev — Python, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Docker, GCP — Nov 2022

This one was a task for one of the interviews I had. CRUD functionality is made for items with Django Rest Framework. The 'Index' & ‘Add’ pages are Bootstrapped. The last one accepts multiple files and saves the data to the database dynamically.

Basketball Scrimmage — Python, JS, Bootstrap, Docker, GCP — Oct 2022

This startup project I made under the guidance of my Senior Python Developer friend. Django backend adds match statistics data to the database from the Excel files. Data is aggregated, sorted, and displayed in a required way. Used Pandas library to parse documents, Javascript and Bootstrap for the frontend.

GenericResponsiveApp — Python, JS, CSS, Docker, GCP — Aug 2022

Django Business website example with a Blog. User auth and Comments tree section. Basic registration emails and password restoration are enabled. Custom, responsive design.

Chisinau Aikikai — Python, CSS, GCP — Jan 2020

A Flask app I made from scratch for my small local business. Deployed to GCP, custom & responsive design.

TransConstructInvest S.R.L. — WordPress, JS, cPanel — Jun 2020

I started as a Project Manager here making agreements with a customer. Hired a designer and developer and made somewhere 60% of the project successfully on Flask. The last one left unexpectedly and I ended up developing a website with WordPress using designed materials.

Sensei Aikido — WordPress, cPanel — Feb 2017 - Mar 2023

Developed the idea, website, media, managed the content, SMM, SEO. 100 unique users/day a Facebook page with 22K (deleted), and Pinterest with 12K followers. Organic everything.


WordPress, Office, Adobe

Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS, Microsoft Azure, cPanel

Python, Django, Flask, Pandas, NumPy, Discord, openAI, chatGPT, Midjourney, BeautifulSoup, Jupyter, Rest API, Langchain, LlamaIndex, Embedchain, etc.

HTMX, React.js, Alpine.js, JavaScript, Tailwind, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Emmet, Markdown

PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Firebase, mongoDB, Supabase

Git, Linux, Docker, SSH, Nginx, Redis, Elasticsearch


Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Proccesing

PyGame, FastAPI, Streamlit, Unit Testing, PyGWalker, Bokeh, Panel

Hyperscript, Node.js, jQuery, Svelte, LeafletJS

Go, Solidity, Move, Web3




Romanian (basic)

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